Schedule of Meetings for 2016--



Annual Drawdown was held on Saturday, April 17, 2015 at the Manlius Sportsman Club. A fish dinner was served and several in attendance received a door prize donated by many area businesses.  We thank Jeff Wallace, President of the Sportsman Club, Larry Lee Roland, cook and all members of the Sportsman Club who helped and served a great dinner. We also thank Lois Swanson for obtaining the many door prizes and Gary McMullen who conducted the drawdown.

We have purchased and installed a chair lift to the 2nd floor of the Bank Building.   We are in the process of renovating, repairing the floor and refinishing it, painting the walls and have new ceiling tile already installed.

We thank Blake Vinson, Austin Bitting and Richard Frank for their work to date on this project. A special thanks to Pat Glafka with all her work painting, cleaning, etc. at the building, both the main floor and 2nd floor.

A special thanks to Tom Cushman for completing the plumbing work on the 2nd floor.

We will continue to work on the 2nd floor and when completed will move many items currently on display in the first floor to the 2nd floor.

We thank Pat Glafka for her work staining and varnishing the 2nd floor.

We are applying for various grants at this time and hope to receive some.

Manlius Alumni Banquet will held Friday evening, JULY 31, 2015, at Arnie's Happy Spot, Deer Grove, Illinois.  Contact Joan Kerber for more information regarding tickets.           

  • Manlius Fun Days will be Saturday, August 1, 2015.    
  • Duck race will be held at the First State Bank Building August 1, 2015, around 11:00 AM
  • Bank will be open for visitors and tours on Saturday, August 1, 2015
  • Items are for sale at the First State Bank
  • We have had over 400 visitors since opening the bank for visitors in May 2012
  • We thank the Walnut Leader (Aug 10, 2012 edition) and the Kewanee Star (Aug 3, 2012 edition for their great pictures and article on the First State Bank.
  • We were notified by the Illinois DOR that we have finally become tax exempt from real estate taxes starting with the 2012 tax year.


Ona Andersen and Lois Swanson were the co-chairmen for the Manlius History Committee Book, "Ties To Our Past", that was printed and sold.  The funds ($5,700) were donated in 2001 to the Manlius Historical Society and helped with the purchase of the First State Bank Building in April, 2002.  "Ties To Our Past"  history book was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Illinois Humanities Council, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Illinois General Assembly.  The book covers the 100 year history of Manlius from its early beginnings in 1901 to 2001.  It details the railroad's influence on the village location, many area farms, the opera house (that once was), the businesses, and many other interesting facts.  The book is loaded with many pictures of the early village.  There are still several books available and can be purchased by contacting any of the officers.  The book sells for $20.00.

A quilt (pictured above) was designed by Sharon Lebahn and made in 2001 to commemorate the 100th year of the beginning of Manlius.  Several people worked on it and it was quilted by Trinity Lutheran Church Ladies.  Several people donated many hours of their time to complete this beautiful black and white quilt, which was won by Bob Rudiger.  

The beautiful, hand-quilted pictorial quilt shown above was made by members and friends of the Manlius Historical Society and was raffled off at Manlius Fun Days on August 11, 2007.  It was designed by Sharon Lebahn and Lois Swanson, using 34 photos featuring many of the past and present business buildings of Manlius in the early days from 1901-2007.  It also includes churches and early residents of Manlius.  The quilt was won by Anne Christensen's daughter, Sarah.  Royal Neighbors of America donated matching funds for this raffle.

Aug, 2001Manlius Centennial History Book Committee donated proceeds from sales of "Centennial Ties to Our Past" Book
Oct, 2001 Manlius Historical Society was incorporated and also received 501(C)3 status
Dec, 2001Pat Glafka donated funds toward purchase of First State Bank building in memory of her husband James Glafka
Mar, 2002Paul & Ona Andersen Donation                                                           
Mar, 2002Manlius Union Bank donation to be paid over (3) years        
Mar, 2002Drawdown at Hidden Lakes, Sheffield
Mar, 2002Modern Woodmen of America, matching funds for drawdown
Aug, 2002Betti Appenzeller Donation
Mar, 2003Drawdown at Hidden Lakes, Sheffield
Mar, 2003Matching funds, Royal Neighbors of America
Mar, 2003Betti Appenzeller donates drawdown winnings
Mar, 2004Drawdown at Princeton Elks Club
Mar, 2004Matching funds, Modern Woodmen  of America
Aug, 2005Grant from Land Preservation Council of Illinois
July, 2006Dennis Lubbs Donation
Aug, 2006Drawdown at Arnie's Happy Spot, Deer Grove
Aug, 2006Matching funds from Modern Woodmen  of America
Oct, 2006Roger Johnson designed, made & donated 2 stained glass windows
Feb, 2007Pat Glafka donation                                              
Mar, 2007Village of Manlius donation (Structural Report)
Aug, 2007Auction and Quilt sales, Manlius Days
Aug, 2007Matching funds for drawdown, Royal Neighbors of America
April, 2008Paul Andersen Memorial Money
Aug, 2008Harold Ericson Memorial Money         
Sep, 2008Gloria Rasmussen received from Walmart Foundation
Sep, 2008Richard Appenzeller Memorial Money
Feb, 2008Bob Andersen collected donations from area residents
Sep, 2008Michlig Ag donation
Sep, 2008Don and Val King donation
Nov, 2008Robert Hensel donated Lillian Hensel Memorial Funds
Mar, 2009Drawdown at Green River Country Club
Mar, 2009Matching funds for drawdown, Modern Woodmen of America
Jun/Oct 2009Anne Christensen, Beth Rudiger and Lois Swanson sent letters seeking donations from Manlius Alumni & Others 
Jul,  2009Gloria Rasmussen received donation from Walmart Foundation
Feb, 2010Dennis Lubbs donation (Genesis Nurseries, Inc.)
Jun, 2010Drawdown at Tillie's Bar & Grill, Manlius
Jun, 2010Gail Swanson donation
Aug, 2010Marc Krug donated bench, sold to Michelle Kepner
Aug, 2010Marc Krug donated several birdhouses to be sold
Dec, 2010Dennis Lubbs donation (Genesis Nurseries, Inc.) 
Dec, 2010Jim Carlson donation 
Dec, 2010Marilyn (Carlson) Berry donation 
Mar, 2011Drawdown at Tillie's Bar & Grill, Manlius
Apr, 2011Bill Wessel donation
Jul, 2011Clayton and Elaine Hewitt Donation
Aug, 2011Dolores Teske Donation
Oct, 2011Patricia Flaherty Haines donated Charter Sponsor plaque in memory of Geo. Flaherty family
Mar, 2012Drawdown at Sportman's Club, Manlius
Mar, 2012Matching Funds for drawdown from Modern Woodmen of America
Aug 2012Corporate Donation by Mark Glafka
Aug 2012Lifetime Memberships, Cal & Dorothy Schuneman
Aug 2012Verda Renner Donation
Dec 2012Pat Glafka Donation
Dec 2012Mailing for Contributions
Apr 2013Drawdown at Sportsman's Club, Manlius
Apr 2014    Drawdown at Sportsman's Club, Manlius                                                          
Apr 2015Drawdown at Sportsman's Club, Manlius